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Parution :

National Identity : Theory and Research Editors : Richard R. Verdugo and Andrew Milne, Sciences Po Toulouse, France A volume in Cross National Research Series Editor : Richard R. Verdugo

National identity has been the subject of much controversy and debate. Some have even suggested dropping the concept entirely. One group, Essentialists, argue that national identity is fixed, cultural, based on birth and ancestry. Another viewpoint is posited by Postmodernists who argue that national identity is malleable, invented or imagined. As alternatives, some have suggested that national identity is a hybrid of both Essentialist and Postmodernist views. And still others bypass this argument and suggest that national identity should be based on civic factors, such as shared values and norms about citizenship.

CONTENTS : Introduction, Richard R. Verdugo and Andrew Milne. PART I : Theoretical Considerations, Identities in Europe : Past and Present, Aladin Larguèche. The Crisis of Western Democracies and National Identity : Citizenship, Immigration, and Constitutional Patriotism, Francis Luong. PART II : National Identity : Case Studies, The Idiosyncrasies of Scottish National Identity, Nathalie Duclos. Is a New Definition of Irish Identity Emerging in the Republic of Ireland in the 21st Century, Julien Guillaumond. Russian National Identity, Oxana Karnaukhova and Richard R. Verdugo. The Impossible State : National Identities in Bosnia and Herzegovina, Djordje Vukovic, Aleksandar Savanovic, and Aleksandar Vranjes. The Mental Wall : Identity in a United Germany, Dana Martin and Richard R. Verdugo. National Identity in France : Immigration and the Validity of Civil Tests, Andrew Milne. PART III : National Identity : The Immigrant Experience, “How can I feel Belgian if Belgians Don’t Accept Me ?” Ethnic Boundary Perception and National Identity Among Turkish Belgians, Klaartje Van Kerckem. British Muslims’ Discourses of National Identity, Saliha Anjum, Andrew McKinlay & Chris McVittie.